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HCD Conference 2023: The Importance Of Trust In Clinic Design

Trust plays an important role in developing design solutions that meet the needs of a community and specifically underrepresented and underserved communities of color, according to presenters of the session “Relationship-Based Design: The Role of Trust in healing” in 2023. Health Design Conference + Exhibitionheld in early November in New

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Mental Health Tips For Older Adults

Emotional health and wellbeing is just as important as your physical health and fitness levels and as such, as you age, it is time to devote more energy to ensuring your mental health is in good condition. To learn more about how you can take care of your overall well-being,

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Model and Me: Eloquii Dress

Beyond instagram and Tik Tok, I started experimenting with a new “Model and Me” review format. I show the photo of the model in the item I ordered and then share how it looks on me. One of the hardest parts about shopping online, especially in plus sizes, is that

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Why Mind-Body Exercises Are Medicine For Aging Populations

For this study, researchers wanted to evaluate the impact that mind-body exercise could have on older people suffering from osteoporosis. Since mind-body movement can improve flexibility, balance and reduce pain, the study authors say, they theorized that it could be a good intervention for patients with osteoporosis.

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I Have Arthritis and Cannot Work, What Can I Do?

Once arthritis has become a disabling condition, it can become so severe that continuing to work may be impossible. How can you survive and pay the bills when you can no longer work? You may be able to get disability benefit payments from the federal government’s Social Security Administration if

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Simple Sugars: What Are They and Where to Spot Them

When starting a healthy and satisfying eating plan, it’s important to know the important role sugar plays in your overall health. It’s in everything. While you may have heard that it is divided into complex and simple sugars, with varying degrees of badness assigned to the latter, the truth is

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ASCO Launches Oncology Medical Home Certification Program

A new certification program from the Association of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) seeks to transform cancer care by focusing on the unique needs of each patient, increasing care coordination, and providing evidence-based care. He ASCO Certificate The program, which launched in October, works by certifying oncology group practices and health systems

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Is Omega-3 Good For Anxiety? Let’s Take A Closer Look

Affiliate link notice: As an affiliate of BetterHelp and other third-party vendors, we may receive compensation if you make a purchase using the links provided on this page. For more information, visit our disclosure page. Last updated on November 30, 2023 by Randy Withers If you are one of the

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An OB-GYN Talks About Health Equity and Menopause

Menopause is a nearly universal experience for middle-aged women. And most women will experience some physical, mental, and emotional changes in the years before and after the end of their menstrual cycles. Although vasomotor symptoms, such as night sweats and hot flashes, are common in most women, their duration and

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Hello! I’m updating my address book for this year’s Christmas cards. LMK your address so we can send you one. Thank you! – Moncia Loading… If you want to leave a little note, the best place is in my latest Instagram post or DM @RunEatRepeat The post HOLIDAY CARD LIST

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