CMS to Test Mandatory 5-Year Episode-Based Alternative Payment Model

People with traditional Medicare who undergo surgery may experience fragmented care, which can lead to complications and prolonged recoveries. To address this issue, and building on lessons learned from previous episode-based payment models, the CMS Innovation Center has proposed a new mandatory alternative 5-year episode-based payment model that would launch

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10 tips to avoid planting AI timebombs in your organization

At the recent HIMSS Global Health Conference and Expo in Orlando, I gave a talk focused on protect yourself against some of the dangers of artificial intelligence in healthcare. The goal was to encourage healthcare professionals to think deeply about the realities of AI transformation, while also providing them with

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Cyber Threat: Why We Continue To Get It Wrong

Recently, a good friend sent me an article that described the analysis done by an independent organization that conducts cybersecurity research and the recommendation they made regarding ransom payments. They assume that stopping ransom payments will end the ransomware threat once and for all. Of course, this is inherently flawed

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Press Ganey, Epic Collaborate to Automate Nursing Quality Reporting

Press Ganey has developed a collaboration with Epic to integrate Nurse Sensitive Indicators (NSIs) and Epic EHR outcomes into Press Ganey’s National Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) database. The company said the automated reports will save quality and nursing leaders time and accelerate work to improve patient care. The NDNQI collects

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UMass Chan Medical School to Establish AI Assurance Lab

In March, Brian S. Anderson, MD, executive director of the newly formed Coalition for Health AI (CHAI), said he expects a federated network of approximately 30 health AI assurance labs to be established this year. On April 10, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts awarded $550,000 to support the establishment of an

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EMA and delays in drug launch – Healthcare Economist

For patients with serious illnesses, timely access to effective medications is paramount. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) was created in part to help speed up drug approvals and ensure that these products are safe and effective. As stated in an article by Grünwald and Stargardt (2024): The EMA [European Medicines

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Providence Spin-Out Praia Integrates 3rd-Party Digital Health Solutions

Seattle-based Providence’s incubation model strikes again. The health system’s Digital Innovation Group has created a company called Praia Health, whose platform is designed to transform the way third-party consumer solutions can be incorporated into a health system’s digital experience. Other Providence spinoffs include Xealth, a Seattle-based company that enables the

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